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My Showreel 2014

Here some of my 3D works which I did for production. 

My 2D short animation film, I worked almost 2 years for this project and Finlay it was ready for screening. I am happy so that After a long time hard work able to show my film but not yet satisfied and want to make some more projects.
WOODY TALE from kishore kumar singh on Vimeo.
I just did some storyboard for this comercial,

I just love this song so I just did little bit lipsink of this charecter and I have done timepass animation, its very nice song just enjoy it with my Animation.

Its just Clay stopmotion epremental work done in almost half an hour arond some 80 still frams, now i would like to do some more conceptual final products.

Clay Stopmotion Animation from kishore kumar singh on Vimeo.


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